Quarter Day Pursuit: 2.5 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses and drinks are provided.
Angle Pursuit's Services and Policies
Three Qtr Day Pursuit: 6 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses, drinks and lunch are provided.
Full Day Pursuit: 8 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses, drinks and lunch are provided.
*Inshore(Skiff) --- 200.00 + tax
*Inshore(Bay) ---- 250.00 + tax
*Nearshore ------- Not Offered 
*Offshore --------- Not Offered
Angle Pursuit, outfitters takes great care in providing our customers with high quality services personalized to their unique needs and are available to discuss your next pursuit 5 days a week. 

Angle Pursuit, outfitters provides a variety of professional services including: quarter (Qtr) day, half day, three qtr day, and full day trips for: offshore, nearshore, inshore, gigging, crabbing, shrimping, sight seeing, boat cruises, boat charters, to include instruction in boating and all types of fishing. 

Personal Instruction:
Boating instruction is done with your boat to "Learn The Ropes": to instruct in launching, docking, trailing and navigating in a safe manner and to teach you proper riggings, required safety gear and safety checks to make all your boating trips successful. 
*Inshore vessel - 35.00 + tax per hour.
*Near/Offshore  - 50.00 + tax per hour.

Fly fishing / Fishing instruction is for advance to beginners: Hourly or Two Day Course - teaching casting, rigging, tackle, flies, baits and reading the water. 
​*Course - 550.00 + tax (12 hrs - 2 days - one day on land, one day on the water).
*hourly   - 35.00 + tax 
*Inshore(Skiff) --- 525.00 + tax
*inshore(Bay) ---- 600.00 + tax 
*Nearshore(CC) - 825.00 + tax 
*Offshore(CC) --- N/A
*Inshore(Skiff) ---- 700.00 + tax
*Inshore(Bay) ----- 800.00 + tax
*Nearshore(CC) - 1,100.00 + tax 
*Offshore(CC) ---- N/A
If you have any questions concerning pick-up, times, pricing, payments, gear, licensing, personal items, personalization, etc. Please don't hesitate to ask at anytime.
Not expected, only an accepted practice. Guides/mates put in many hours of hard work to ensure an excellent day is had. Judge the quality by how hard the guide/mate(s) worked. Most of the time, they can perform their magic. However, sometimes the fish are uncooperative. So if your guide/mate(s) worked hard, was courteous, had patience, took the time to teach and continued to reiterate the basics, then gratuity is much appreciated. usually 15-20%. This is purely informative.
Payment Options and Cancellation Policy

All major credit cards are accepted for convenience in booking. Cards and cash are acceptable for payment. Personal checks are not accepted. Pricing subject to change with out notice. Prices are One promotional used per purchase. 

Appointments (appt.) are booked with a 100.00 or up to a 50% deposit per appt., with credit card on file. To check availability and make reservations, please contact Angle Pursuit, Inc (AP, Inc) to make deposit and place card on file. This process is for the safety of the card, the card holder and to answer all questions the guest(s) may have. If guest(s) does not contact AP, Inc, the company is unable to confirm availability and reservations. Full payment must be complete prior to reservation, on day of the appt. 

If guest(s) must cancel or reschedule appt., guest(s) may do so in advance of 72 hours (hrs) (3 days) prior to reservation. Within 72 hrs, deposit is non-refundable, and a credit of the deposit will go towards a future purchase the guest(s) makes. If guest(s) cancels within 48 hrs (2 days), guest(s) forfeits deposit. If guest(s) cancel the day of or no show for appt., guest(s) forfeits deposit and charged in full for the reservation.

If guest(s) have an emergency or unexpected situation, please contact AP, Inc.

AP, Inc reserves the right to postpone and or cancel due to inclement weather and or mechanical failure. Safety is our primary concern and guest(s) will not be placed in jeopardy. If AP, Inc makes the call to postpone and or cancel an appt. AP, Inc will attempt to reschedule the guest(s), if unable to the guest(s) will receive a refund of all funds paid. No profit is made on funds received as a deposit.

Our policies are in place to achieve first-class decorum. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Go Angle!
Capt. Mike
For Your Information:
Personal Items needed: non-marking non-slip light colored soft soled shoes, polarized shades, hat, (non-spray) sun screen / bug repellent and if desired a jacket and or rain jacket. Guests age 15 and under will wear life jacket while aboard boats. All other gear and licensing are provided.
Special request of pick up location will constitute a $100.00 surcharge.
Operations are subject to tides, weather forecast and Daylight Savings Time (DST).
Half Day Pursuit: 4 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses, drinks and snacks are provided.
*Inshore(Skiff) --- 350.00 + tax
*Inshore(Bay) ---- 400.00 + tax 
*Nearshore(CC) - 550.00 + tax 
*Offshore ---------- Not Offered
​Inshore(Skiff) - max of 2 guests (50.00 for 3rd) / Inshore(Bay Boat) - max of 4 guests (50.00 ea. for 5&6) / Nearshore - max of 4 guests (75.00 ea. for 5&6) Offshore - max of 6 guests.
Appt. are subject to surpass their allotted time to accommodate guest(s) by request, as schedule allows. (90.00 per hour)
Please try an give a minimum of 3 week notice prior to desired date.
Smoking, tobacco & illegal drugs are prohibited aboard boats. Alcohol limited to 3 bev. per.
"Catch And Release" program is practiced for natural conservation, but nothing wrong with keeping a couple fresh fish for dinner. Fish cleaning service is not provided