Angle Pursuit's Services
Quarter Day Pursuit - 2.5 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses and drinks are provided.
Three Qtr Day Pursuit - 6 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses, drinks and lunch is provided.
Full Day Pursuit - 8 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses, drinks and lunch is provided.
*Inshore (Skiff) --- 200.00 + tax
*Inshore (Bay) ---- 250.00 + tax
*Nearshore (CC) - N/A 
*Offshore (CC) ---- N/A
Angle Pursuit takes great care in providing our customers with high quality gear, tackle and services personalized to their unique needs. We are available to assist with your next pursuit 5 days a week. 

Angle Pursuit provides a variety of professional services including: quarter (Qtr) day, half day, three qtr day, and full day trips for: offshore, nearshore, inshore, gigging, crabbing, shrimping, sight seeing, boat cruises, boat charters, to include instruction in boating, fishing, fly fishing, fly tying. Also, offering gear and tackle. 

Personal Instruction:
Boating Instruction - conducted with client's boat to "Learn The Ropes": to instruct in launching, docking, trailing and navigating in a safe manner and to demonstrate proper riggings, required safety gear and safety checks to make all your boating trips successful. 
*Inshore vessel - 35.00 + tax per hour.
*Near/Offshore -- 50.00 + tax per hour.

Fishing Instruction / Fly Fishing Instruction - advance to beginners: Hourly or Two Day Course - teaching casting, rigging, tackle, flies, fly tying, baits and reading the water. 
​*Course ---------- 550.00 + tax (12 hrs - 2 days - one day on land, one day on the water).
*hourly   ---------- 35.00 + tax 
*Inshore(Skiff) --- 525.00 + tax
*inshore(Bay) ---- 600.00 + tax 
*Nearshore(CC) - N/A 
*Offshore(CC) --- N/A
*Inshore(Skiff) ---- 700.00 + tax
*Inshore(Bay) ----- 800.00 + tax
*Nearshore(CC) - N/A 
*Offshore(CC) ---- N/A
Not expected, only an accepted practice. Guides/mates put in many hours of hard work to ensure an excellent day is had prior to the trip. Judge the quality of a trip by how hard the guide/mate(s) worked. So if your guide/mate(s) worked hard, was courteous, patience, took the time to teach and continued to reiterate the basics, then gratuity is much appreciated. This is purely informative.
Additional trip Information: also refer to policies
Personal Items needed: non-marking non-slip light colored soft soled shoes, polarized (glasses) shades, hat, (non-spray) sun screen/bug repellent. Dress for the weather and as desired a jacket and or rain jacket. Guests age 15 and under will wear life jacket. All other gear and licensing are provided.
Special request of pick up location will constitute a $100.00 surcharge.
Charter operations are subject to tides, weather forecast and Daylight Savings Time (DST).
Half Day Pursuit - 4 hrs - bait, tackle, licenses, drinks and snacks are provided.
*Inshore (Skiff) --- 350.00 + tax
*Inshore (Bay) ---- 400.00 + tax 
*Nearshore (CC) - N/A 
*Offshore (CC) --- N/A
​Inshore(Skiff) - max of 2 guests (50.00 for 3rd) / Inshore(Bay Boat) - max of 4 guests (50.00 ea. for 5&6) / Nearshore - max of 4 guests (75.00 ea. for 5&6) Offshore - max of 6 guests.
Alcohol limited to 3 (16 oz.) bev. per guest. Smoking, tobacco & illegal drugs are prohibited aboard vessels.
"Catch And Release" program is practiced for natural conservation, but nothing wrong with keeping a couple fresh fish for dinner. Fish cleaning service is not provided
Private Charter Services: